Trenbolone Doses


It has been previously mentioned that Trenbolone is five times as anabolic and androgenic as Testosterone (rating of 500), where Testosterone’s androgenic and anabolic ratings are both 100 respectively. It is of the utmost importance that any person considering the use of Trenbolone keeps these figures in mind, as they cannot be repeated enough. In order to achieve the effects of 500mg of Testosterone, one would only require 100mg of Trenbolone. To do the same in order to achieve the effects of 2,500mg of Testosterone, one would require 500mg of Trenbolone. These examples of the strength ratios of Testosterone:Trenbolone are going to set the standard of reasoning behind the dosing schemes for Trenbolone and how it is to be used. Far too frequently will people run Trenbolone at higher doses that are unnecessary considering the anabolic rating of Trenbolone. For a compound that holds such a strong and potent effect, it only makes sense to run lower doses and garner more benefits from it. This also results in the potential for side effects to lower considerably. It is very unfortunate that people have been making a practice of determining Trenbolone doses arbitrarily for a very long time with no rhyme or reason behind these dosing schemes. Arbitrary Trenbolone doses such as 500mg/week, 400mg/week, 600mg of this and 200mg of that are selected for no reason what so ever. Why? There is no real reason.

However, when we understand the concept behind the androgenic and anabolic ratings of a compound, we can then construct proper dosing schemes that are more efficient, logical, and less harmful with less pronounced side effects. Close inspection and analysis of the statistics of a particular compound (in this instance it is Trenbolone), and develop doses and cycling plans based on the statistics that have been analyzed and inspected. For a beginner, for example, it is not necessary to run 500mg of Trenbolone on their first cycle containing Trenbolone. The reason being that Trenbolone’s anabolic rating is 500, which allows it to be five times as strong as Testosterone, it is very clear here that one does not require doses as high as one would commonly be lead think they must use in order to achieve desirable physique changes. Trenbolone could be said to be one of the best ‘bangs for your buck’ in terms of dose required to achieve a desired strength. The threshold with Trenbolone doses is quite low with all things considered, and with a compound like Trenbolone, a little bit goes a long way.



Trenbolone Doses for Beginners


The dosing schemes for all levels of anabolic steroid users are generally quite simple and very straightforward with ease of understanding. The motive and reasoning for the listed Trenbolone doses has already been established, and now we will present the best Trenbolone dosing scheme for a beginner. Beginners to Trenbolone should never be beginners to anabolic steroids. A beginner Trenbolone user is not a beginner anabolic steroid user. Beginner Trenbolone users should have a solid amount of experience (preferably several cycles worth) of basic compounds such as Testosterone and other beginner compounds prior to using Trenbolone. It is important to note once again that Trenbolone is for the intermediate and advanced user and not for beginners. This is a stipulation established under the understanding that an intermediate to experienced user understands how his/her body responds to basic compounds such as Testosterone and already possess a proper understanding of the mechanisms behind cycling from their experience. A first-time user of Trenbolone would find a moderate Trenbolone dose of 300mg per week to be sufficient and strong enough to elicit favorable changes. Remember that in order to garner the strength of 300mg of Trenbolone, one would require 1,500mg of Testosterone to provide a fair match in terms of the anabolic strength. Even 200mg per Buy Trenbolone Hereweek of a Trenbolone dose should be quite sufficient enough, but doses such as 200mg/week are typically used on cutting cycles. A moderate Trenbolone dose of 300mg/week is an excellent starting dose for the purpose of the user discovering how they respond to a strong compound such as Trenbolone, while granting a considerably strong anabolic effect. It is unnecessary for a first-time Trenbolone user to venture above 300-400mg per week, let alone a Trenbolone dose such as 500mg per week. It is after an initial cycle of 300mg per week that the user can then assess their responsiveness to the compound and decide how to go about adjusting Trenbolone doses in future cycles.



Intermediate Trenbolone Doses



With beginner Trenbolone doses having been established, the other two tiers of users (intermediate and advanced) is generally very simple and straightforward. An important distinction to make, however, is that the difference between beginner, intermediate, and advanced users is not raising dosages after every subsequent cycle. Although that can be a factor, it is typically the methods by which Trenbolone is used in a cycle that makes the distinction between the three tiers (beginner, intermediate, advanced). With this being said, typical intermediate Trenbolone doses are generally no lower than 400mg per week with the exception of Trenbolone use during fat loss cycles, or if Trenbolone is not utilized as the primary anabolic agent. Rarely will intermediate Trenbolone doses veer above 500mg per week



Advanced Trenbolone Doses


There does not exist much detail concerning advanced Trenbolone doses. If the user indeed is an advanced Trenbolone user having used this compound in countless cycles, he/she should have a full understanding of Trenbolone and have mastered its use. Although advanced Trenbolone users can be seen utilizing very high Trenbolone doses, this is not always the case and is more so the exception rather than the rule. Trenbolone doses usually hover around 500mg per week (unless once again used during fat loss cycles) stacked with other compounds. Advanced users have been known to venture as high as 800-1,000mg per week or higher of Trenbolone (the equivalent of 4,000 – 5,000mg per week of Testosterone), often also stacked with other compounds. It must be made clear once again, however, that extremely high Trenbolone doses do not define an advanced user. It just so happens that a portion of advanced users tend to run Trenbolone doses very high, but the reason behind such a practice is that the user is advanced and understands his/her body’s reaction to the compound after having cycled Trenbolone subsequently for a long period of time. High Trenbolone doses are a dangerous practice and should not be attempted at all, or attempted with the utmost caution – and certainly not by beginners or intermediate users.

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